Saturday, August 30, 2014

Game Day Boston College-- August 30th, 2014

Welcome to game day! Hope to see a bunch of UMass fans at Gillette.

UMass cadence. Turn your speakers up all the way up.


Dan Malone has his Season Preview II covering UMass hopes for a more aggressive defense and more consistency on special teams.

He also say the Minutemen open with an emotional game against the Boston College Eagles.


Matty Vautour says both UMass and Boston College have a lot of unknowns to start the 2014 season.


Lots of vitriol from BC Interruption: Gloating about the 1974 70-8 Eagle victory in 1974. A.J. Black makes fun of UMass and the Boston area working class.

Smile UMass fans. We're inside their heads already :)

As a direct descendant of some working class Irish ------ and eight years of Catholic school, I'll comment with the following:

 Sarcasm and abuse are the mark of an arrogant man,
     but vengeance lies in wait like a lion for him.

                           Ecclesiasticus 27:28


The Hamsphire Gazette has an editorial saying we're heading in the right direction.


WBUR rehashes the move to FBS debate and quotes UMass professor Richard Bogartz who says we can't compete in the MAC.


Steelers Depot thinks Rob Blanchflower will end up on the Steelers practice squad.


All the pundits picked Bowling Green to win the MAC this year. The Falcons were waxed by Western Kentucky last night 59-31.


UConn lost to BYU 35-10 in a penalty filled game.


Villanova took Syracuse to double overtime.



Anonymous said...

Poor turnout, poor game. We are a long way away.

TopUMassFan said...

I was encouraged by what I saw today. The team never gave up. The defense was asked to be on the field too long. The two BC scoring drives in the 3rd quarter broke the game open and UMass couldn't recover.

I think UMass may have gone pass-heavy a bit soon and the 3-and-outs took their toll on the defense.

Overall, I am pleased with the new Minutemen and feel a new day has dawned.

Anonymous said...

They were running into a wall every play. Had no choice but to pass.