Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday-- August 25th, 2014

More info on student and fan buses to Gillette from Amherst on the UMass website.


Boston area alums and fans can join the UMMB, UMass Board of Trustees Chair Henry Thomas, UMass Amherst Chancellor Kumble Subbaswamy and Football Coach Mark Whipple in a UMass pep rally one Wednesday!


The BC blog BC Interruption has the Vegas odds makers have the Eagles as a 15 point favorite.


Rob Harms of the Boston Globe says Whipple is ready for the next challenge.


The Boston Globe has an editorial saying UMass should reconsider football. Because, you know, the Globe has great regard for Massachusetts taxpayers.


The Berkshire Eagles reports that Minuteman freshman Jordan Fiske has been moved to FB from TE. Fiske's UMass bio.


The Boston Herald reports on UMass DT Daniel Maynes and his struggle with Crohn's disease. Hang in there Dan. Crohn's is a bitch. I know 'cause I have it too.


The Star Press predicts Ball State's season and a win over UMass.


State looks at Penn State's 2014 season including it's game in Ireland. It also states UMass played Rhode Island in Ireland in 1993. Musta missed that game.


The Eagle Tribune looks at local men with football connections including UMass assistant coach Mike Cassano.


Metro Daily News says BC transfer Tyler Murphy could be a bridge to the future for the Eagles.



Anonymous said...

Big Dig? problem. Statehouse hack-a-rama? problem. Fees, fines and taxes? problem. Drivers licenses for illegals? problem. Sex change operations for inmates? problem. UMass elevates football program?....THE TAXPAYERS ARE GETTING SCREWED!!!

vetteson said...

From previous week's observations, both BC and UMass still have a lot of issues; new transfer QB on each side, lots of new players, and new or almost new coaching staffs. Could be interesting game, who fumbles least may win.

Anonymous said...

Stop listening to talk radio.

Anonymous said...

Tax payers provide little to the university system in massachusetts compared to most public systems. The support provided by the university to athletics is derived from student fees and donations not the general fund. Students pay 1350 per year in service fees that support athletics as well as some performance events. That's over 36 million dollars with 27000 students (grad and undergrad).