Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday--August 27, 2013

MassLive reports that Rob Blanchflower is out for the opener against Wisconsin.

Hustle Belt also has a post on Blancheflower.


Malone's article also has a list of true freshmen who will be making the trip. Ten true freshmen apparently made the two-deep. That's quite a bit given the Minutemen will probably take about 50 players to Camp Randall.

On offense:

Not many surprises on offense. OL and WR were the two shallowest positions positions on the UMass Spring roster. At one time last year the Minutemen were down to eight or so offensive linemen. Harris, Woodley and Nesmith were among the cream of this year's offensive recruits.

On Defense:
Again, no surprise that Huber and Casali made the two-deep. With only 14 DL on the roster and probably ten or so scholarship players, Angeh is no surprise. I haven't heard much from training camp on Williams and Porter, but both are big and fast (check Porter's bio). The five should give Coach Elmassian more packages and bodies to rotate in. 


Dan Malone also reports Joel Stave RSSO 6-5 225 will start for the Badgers against the Minutemen.


Matty Vautour ranks the Minutemen's 2013 opponents.


The Boston Globe says with transfers, UMass is hoping to go places.



The MAC Blog Hustle Belt picks the conference winners and losers in Week #1


The Wisconsin Blog "Bucky's Fifth Quarter" predicts the Badgers will run wild against the Minutemen defense.


The Giants Blog "Big Blue" reports on the G-Men's position battles including Michael Cox.


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