Thursday, August 01, 2013

Thursday--August 1, 2013

Good morning from Anchorage! Mrs. Blog and I arrived without any adventures except for being up more than 24 hours.

Thanks to one of the Blog's intrepid reporters who sent a couple of links while we were traveling. Thanks also to the commenter who gave some travel tips on Seward.

The NY Post says Michael Cox started strong at the Giants training camp.

More positive impressions of Cox from "Big Blue".

Coach Molnar will have a live on-line chat with UMass fans Friday.

More on the chat from the UMass website.


MassLive  says Coach Molnar is pleased with recruiting so far.

Malone also has five burning questions for the UMass offense going into Fall camp.


MAC Blog "Hustle Belt" reports UMass is 75-1 for the MAC Championship.


Talley #3
The Giants have waived Jeremy Horne and resigned Julian Talley.

Longer article about Talley here.


USA Today poll has Wisconsin as #23.


The South Bend Tribune says don't count the MAC out.


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