Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday--August 26, 2013

I pointed out yesterday that the 2013 Fall roster is up. Today I'm going to talk about numbers.

Most football players have a complicated relationship with their number. It's not unusual for a player four decades after he last put on the pads, to still be playing his number at roulette. A lot of players are fairly superstitious about their number. Some won't change the number that they ended up being assigned, feeling it's bad luck change what fate has arranged. Others feel they play better with a specific number and as they move up in class, they'll ask for a number that had been vacated by a senior.

The 2013 roster has 100 numbered players. That's up nine from 2012, which had 91.

There are six duplicate numbers 4, 5, 7, 19, 57 and 99.

Six numbers are unassigned: 53, 62, 63, 65, 71 and 77.


Nesmith could be a recruiting steal. Jette wore #17 last year. #4 was worn by departed WR Marken Michel.


Argeh is a scholarship recruit. #5 is an unusual number for a DL. Jacobucci originally signed with FCS New Haven. # 5 was worn by Michale Cox last year.

Williams wore #13 last year. Johnson's Be Recruited page. D.J. Adeoba wore #7 last year.

I've blogged about Lemeiux before. Caggiano last played for Assumption. There  was no #19 on last year's roster

Berus' NCSA recruiting profile here. Krizanovic held #57 last year.

I've blogged about Laurent before. Dowe last played for WNEC. Charles Thompson wore #99 in 2013.


Matty V. reports Mike Wegzyn is improved and ready for the 2013 season.


Rant Sports picks five teams who could go winless in 2013. UMass is one of them. BTW, Boston College is another.



Julian Talley got a lot of snaps, but no stats against the Jets.



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