Sunday, August 04, 2013

Sunday--August 3, 2013

Good morning from Denali National Park. After this post, the blog will have three days of down time, as Mrs blog and I will be in Denali Park's outback. See everybody on Wednesday.


The Blog's vast army of reporters continue to send me links including this article by the NY Times about Michael Cox.


MassLive says Coach Molnar is READY for fall camp.


James Ihedigbo isn't going to give up the starting Safety position with the Ravens easily.

The Baltimore Sun has a story about the competition between Elam and Ihedigbo. Go Ihedigbo!


Whoa! The Montreal Alouettes fired their HC after five games. I've been watching the Larks' games because of Brandon London and because CFL is the only game in town for another week or so. The Alouttes offense looked out-of-synch all season.


This ESPN article mentions both John Griffin and Vladimir Ducasse.


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