Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday--August 25, 2013

Good Morning from Jaffrey! Mrs Blog and are home safe after 31 hours of travel time from the cruise ship to New Hampshire. All is well and we had no major hassles.

We did a lot better than the passengers from this ship. Mrs Blog and I spoke with a guy from Australia who would be getting a refund, but no refund on his airline costs. The offer of a free cruise won't help him much as he will pay another round of air fares to take advantage of it.

Internet time from the Radiance of the Seas was 75 cents a minute! And it didn't like the Blogger interface. It cost me about $15 to write the header of the last post.

I missed the Blog, UMass news and you guys.


The 2013 Fall roster is up!!! Check out all the new players and number changes.

One interesting number right off the bat: #5, the number assigned to the featured UMass running back in the FCS era, is held by Peter Argeh, a FR DL.

I'll have a lot more to say about the roster as I bring the Blog back up to speed this week.


UMass Sports Luncheons are back. Excellent food and a chance to hear Coach Molnar discuss UMass football on a weekly basis.


A couple of UMass videos are up. The interview from UMass Media Day, which I missed this year.

Coach Molnar said Jordan Broadnax is out of the Wisconsin game. Rob Blanchflower is iffy.

Trey Dudley-Giles will be our punt returner.

With Broadnax out, Stacey Bedell is the #1 RB and Lorenzo Woodley is #2.


Video Offensive Line breakdown by Coach Johnson.


The La Crosse Tribune reports Wisconsin has some injuries on their OL. The article features Tyler Marz a 6-7 321 pound sophomore.

The Wisconsin Journal-Sentinel says Gary Anderson has won the trust of the Badger players.


Roster View image
The NY Giants say Michael Cox is an "extra effort" player.



Noel E. said...

Good to have you back even if you did edit some of my comments!

NES said...

Good to have you back!

UMass74 said...


Are you sure? I don't usually edit any comments. Either they get posted or they don't go at all. Maybe what you wrote didn't make it through Blogger, which can be flaky at times.

The only things I moderate out are obviously inappropriate stuff, spam and pissy one liners.

Lots of posters end up with double comments and I moderate the second post, but without Google verify thing we'd be swamped in spam.

UMass74 said...

Oh, and we also have some trolls who hang out and post witty comments like "Charlie Molnar is a used car salesman".

Some people think they can help their team in the recruiting wars by posting things to turn off recruits. "Don't recruit this kid! He ain't good enough for UMass. I saw him play and he can't move!!!"

Anonymous said...

Frank- Great to have you back! September 7th coming fast. What are you hearing about the numbers for season ticket holders and tickets sold for the Maine and Vandy games. I hope you displayed your UMASS football shirt on the cruise ship. GO UMASS

Noel E. said...

Sorry, meant to say "even though you did not post one of my comments."
For all I know, perhaps it wasn't entered properly. I never would post anything about coach M. Don't know him but admire him greatly and his players.