Wednesday, July 03, 2013

UMass Topping Off Ceremony

In a light drizzle, a good turnout of UMass fans celebrated the topping of the Minutemen's Performance Center yesterday.

The UMass website has an article and video here.

Coach Molnar gave a short speech talking about the improvements in UMass football and reiterated his goal to make UMass a good football team quickly.

I set a Picassa web album of the event here.

I asked one of the construction guys about the press box. He said that when it was built back in the 60's, they used some materials that require special disposal handling in this age. Permits to start knocking it down should arrive shortly.

Below are a few images from the album. Click on the image and blogger displays a larger view.

D'Metrius Williams adds his new number

Everybody cheered when the beam went into place

Attendees received a cool t-shirt

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vetteson said...

AAC actually stands for the "American Airport Conference." Losing an automatic bid means it's another CUSA. Right now, the MAC seems better for UMass.