Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday--July 13, 2013

UMass has officially announced that Michael Orsei, a 6-4 280 pound Senior offensive lineman from Rutgers has joined the Minutemen.

UMass press release here.

MassLive also has an article on Orsei here.

This is a good pickup for UMass. Orsei is versatile  He can play center, guard and tackle. That will help getting the five best guys into starting position.

He's also good on academics. Four of the top nine recruits in the 2013 class are offensive linemen. They are the future and it be good for them to have a redshirt year to adjust to school and to college level football. Most 18/19 year olds are in a tremendous physical mismatch against a 23 year old who has been on a college weight program for five years. Getting a freshman beat can have a big negative affect on his career.

Taking a WAG at the 2013 UMass O-line I'd say:

Anthony Dima is a lock for LT.

Sam Zeff at LG. Zeff is a true freshman, but has been in for Spring football.

Matt Sparks at Center. Sparks survived last year and he should be bigger and stronger this year.

Josh Bruns at RG. A JUCO transfer. Should bring some experience and maturity to the line.

Orsei at RT. Your RT should your best run blocker. Most teams run right for the most part because predominately people are right handed and are more comfortable running that way. If UMass wants to run more, the right side of the Minutemen line will be the guys that make it happen.


The MAC Blog "Hustle Belt" has a post on the new UMass scheduling plan once the renovations for McGuirk are complete.


Former UMass star Jullian Talley has been playing for the Pittsburgh Power arena football team.

This article features Talley. He's been tearing up the league going 64-749 and 16 TD's


OT, but I've mentioned a number of times about the risk to UMass Athletics of doing nothing. UMass hockey is probably the most popular sport on campus, but the hockey world is changing. Remember my post when 110,000 people showed up for a Michigan hockey game.

This article says the BTN network will pay Big Ten hockey schools $2 million a year each for the broadcast rights.

Big East hockey schools like Merrimack, Providence and the traditionally cash-strapped New England state schools are going to find it tough to compete with numbers like that.

FCS football was a dead end. Coach Molnar will make us into a winner in the MAC. Basketball recruiting is picking up. I think the future is bright. The people who think where we were five years ago  was sustainable are delusional. My sport is football (obviously), but all UMass athletics has to continually improve in order to survive. The world is changing fast.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget about Vince Westcarr returning for his senior year after missing Spring practice. That's a big plus!

UMass74 said...

Yes, Westcarr will definitely help.

Al Leneus and Tyrell Smith could contend for a starting spot. Leneus started 3 of the last 4 games.

prof. said...

There are a number of TF who could potentially contribute. Barring any season-ending injuries, the o-line is shaping up well, and will be the foundation for the forseeable future. Westcarr's return is huge, and Dima's and Osei's leadership will contribute to more production--hopefully far more--in the fall. The line was a point of critical concern, and AFAIC, the efforts on behalf of the coaches are commendable. Go UMass.

Anonymous said...

Westcarr will likely start at right tackle.
The coaching staff is high on Jordan Page. Unlike the other freshman they seem to believe that his body is ready and able to handle the rigors of D1 football now.
Bruns will be first off the bench.