Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday--July 15, 2013

A Bleacher Report writer has a story on college football weight lifting vs the average gym guy.

At the UMass Night of Champions, UMass' Robert Kitching was going to attempt a 600+ pound squat  but they had trouble with the equipment.


NBC News says neck strengthening may help with concussion issues.


Another writer thinks Michael Cox has a good shot to make the Giants.


Richard Woloicz image
Brandon London has a great catch in the Larks opening set of downs, but Montreal fizzled for the rest of the game.


Another Bleacher Report story has strengths and weaknesses of Wisconsin going into the fall practice.


Victor Cruz apologizes for Zimmerman tweet.

How Victor's new contract will pay out.


College Football 2013 pumpup.


OT, but Andy Katz of ESPN says for basketball conferences 10 is the Magic Number.

Relevant quote: " But the Big East is still trying to get off the ground for the fall, and new commissioner Val Ackerman hasn't shown any early signs of expanding. Still, the A-10 would be the prime plucking area if the Big East were to take on two more. The American could always look to take UMass -- a candidate before Tulsa was chosen -- which would be from the A-10, too."


Meanwhile, Massachusetts hooligans are spreading terror up here in New Hampshire.


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