Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Tuesday--July 9, 2013

You can all return to your lives as Victor Cruz has signed his contract with the Giants.

NBC Sports has details of his $43 million contract.

Si.com says Cruz's deal show the increasing value of slot receivers in the NFL.

A Bleacher Report writer says the deal is a steal for the Giants and has the figures to prove it.


An ESPN writer says the Big Ten's decision to stop playing FCS teams may lead to better guarantees for non-BCS league teams.

Relevant quote from the article:"Schools in non-power leagues like the Sun Belt and the MAC will likely see handsome benefits as bidding wars break out for their appearances on schedules."

UMass' moving to the MAC was the right thing to do. FCS football, which was always a money losing proposition, will have even more problems as the main source of funding dries up.


ESPN's Big Ten blog looks at Wisconsin's OOC schedule.


The Vandy Blog "Anchor of Gold" previews the Commodores running backs.


A Sports on Earth writer looks at the MAC Conferences best player.

Lynch has been added to the Maxwell Award watch list.


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Anonymous said...

The Giants organization is 1st class. Victor Cruz was laughed at by the New England Patriots, saying he was too slow and soft. Well I guess the Pats wished they had Cruz over Hernandez. Belichek the bully,may now have to answer questions from the Boston cheerleaders,oops, media. His scouting of college players is dismal. Pats new motto-thugs r us. We was duped.