Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thursday--July 18, 2013

Both MassLive and Hampshire Gazette have stories about Frank Carter verbaling to UMass. Neither has any more information than my post of two days ago.


A Bleacher Report writer says Michael Cox's chance of making the Giants is "solid".

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ranks the American Athletic Association's teams by offense: UConn's last.

The AAC will have six bowl link-ins in 2014.


The Big Ten and the Detroit Lions inked a deal linking the Big Ten and that new Detroit Bowl.


2014 OOC opponent Colorado is still struggling to pull its athletic dept together.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ reports Victor Cruz is still saying the Giants contract is tough to accept.


EA Sports will continue to publish an annual college football game even though the NCAA has pulled its logo.


OT, but MassLive has a story about UMass basketball recruiting.

Will someone please start a UMass hoops blog? I'd read it.


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