Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday--June 22, 2011

Scan from the 1994 UMass Press Guide
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MassLive reports Mike Hodges is retiring. The Blog and Mrs Blog join all UMass fans wishing Mike a great retirement. He has been a great advocate for UMass football and the University.

Mike kept UMass football going when Jimmie Reid resigned because of cutbacks in 1991. He never complained, or even mentioned, that fact when those same lack of resources caused some lean years during his tenure as HC.


Former UMass assistant coach Malik Hall returns to UMass as defensive line coach. I've blogged a number of times about Hall.


Matty V. has an article on UMass' efforts to line up some OOC games for Gillette. Right now, Colorado and Indiana are the teams in the mix. UMass AD John McCutcheon is also in talks with SEC, Big Ten and Big Twelve schools.


The BC Blog "BC Interruption" calls for a little mascot-on-mascot violence.



Anonymous said...

Coach Hodges is one of the real nice guys, and I wish him all the best in these golden years. For all he did for UMass football, THANK YOU.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Coach Hodges was a class act. What he did his 1st year was maybe the best coaching job seen at UMASS in the 90's before the championship year with Whipple. Congrats Mike Hodges and please stayed around the program!!

Anonymous said...

i bet he will still be around the team a lot though. With his wife's passing earlier this year he will likely want something to fill the time, so i wouldn't be surprised to see him at practices and games