Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Wednesday--June 1, 2011

UMass is not showing up in preseason FCS Top 25 lists for 2011. At first I thought it was because we are not eligible for the playoff this year. However, Tyler Holmes is usually noted as a first team All-FCS player, so it seems UMass is just not getting any respect.

Josh Buchanan shows Lindy's Top 25  and Sporting News Top 25.

The AGS Top 25 poll is here.


The UMass website has a story about Julian Talley and Jonathan Hernandez being named to the CFPA watch list for the top players of 2011. Note that I cannot find the notices on the CFPA website, so the news may be coming from press releases.


TSN's Craig Haley gives UMass-Boston College as one of his FCS-FBS matches that stand out in 2011.


Jim Tressel resigned because some of his players received a discount from a local tattoo joint (gasp!), but the SEC is still thinking about banning oversigning.


CSI New Hampshire:

Carjacking suspect claims he's from the 5th dimension.


Anonymous said...

Now, how does that happen in each of those 3 polls UMASS couldn't get ranked in the top 25, give me a break! Some of those teams that did, gave me a good laugh that made it in there. I know Frank you mentioned that UMASS is still considered FCS but I feel like it still flawed people's minds and polls. There's no reason that they shouldn't still be in there.

Anonymous said...

Gasp? Read the Sports Illustrated story on Tressel/Ohio State football program and you can gasp again.

vetteson said...

I think UMass was ignored from the rankings because we are in "transition" now and not eligible for post-season. Let's face it everyone, the next three years are going to be very screwy. Coach Morris is going to have a lot of hurdles to clear.

Anonymous said...

Do our wins or losses for us and more importantly other teams even count in the CAA this year. So if we win or loss against Richmond does the win or loss count for or against Richmond in their CAA league standing. It will obviously show on their record but I was wondering about their league standing.