Monday, June 06, 2011

Monday--June 6, 2011

On Saturday, I did a blog post on Matty V's  article on Todd Bankhead. Matty has a post on how he is looking for suggestions about future articles. E-mail him if you know a good candidate.


Brandon London may be catching passes from Rickey Santos at the Montreal Alouettes.


The CAA is having itsAnnual meeting June 4th through today. They're also on Facebook and Twitter.


Nate Montana was arrested for DWI at Montana. He already had one alcohol related incident when he was at Notre Dame.


Like UMass, New Hampshire will have a new QB in 2011.


The SEC Presidents voted 12-0 to reduce the number of players signed annually to 25. The SEC's 12 coaches had voted 12-0 against the proposal. The league also voted to crack down on medical roster abuses.


I hope to have an article on UMass football history including scans of some 1988 game programs ready by tomorrow.


TopUMassFan said...

Just a few thoughts...Sounds like Joe Montana's son can't find his own identity and is trying to fill shoes way too big for him....Boise St. once had unique turf, now its just the first of many...why don't the BCS Conferences just admit what they are and do away with anything that isn't football related. And finally, for Matty V., how bout an article on our former linebacker (forget his name) whose parents had both passed away. How and what is he doing these days?

Anonymous said...

I've seen Nate Montana attempt to play a few times. He's nothing special and actually way below average.