Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday--June 23, 2011

Both Jeff Thomas and Matty V have stories about the three Spring 2011FBS transfers, Kellen Pagel, Ryan Campbell and Chris Burns being ruled eligible for the 2011 season.

Thomas also says I missed the starting date for Fall practice by one day. He gives August 4th as the beginning of camp.


Jeff Thomas also reports on three 2012 recruits UMass has offered. I'll be covering them all in detail later on.


The Stamford Times reports Vladimir Ducasse is ready to fight in his second season with the Jets.


Special thanks to a good UMass fan for alerting me to They have 8:00 as the start of the UMass-Holy Cross game on Sept 1st.

Holy Cross will also be honoring three new members to their Hall-of-Fame at the game.


I saw this link over on "Eagle in Atlanta" blog: College football in a Pro market.


The Wall Street Journal reports only 17 of the "Major" schools have not had a serious violation of NCAA rules since 1953. Five of the seventeen are MAC schools.

From the Article:"It helps if the conference sets a good example. The Mid-American Conference, which produced the most schools (five) of any conference on the list, has its own infractions committee that reviews every violation, no matter how minor, by its member schools. The committee meets in person twice a year, with a representative from each MAC school presenting the institution's infractions for the previous half year. Several conferences, including the Big 12 and Big East, don't do this."


Anonymous said...

Don't know if Thomas attended the Spring Game but to say that Pagel was impressive is a serious stretch
It was like a flag football game out there. I believe but could be mistaken that Tyler Holmes would have planted Pagel on his rushing TD. My confusion lies in who was the QB on that play

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more, Jeff Thomas needs some work on his writing. He had a lot of mixed up details. It's Havens, not Haven there Jeff if he reads this. By the way does anybody know how Kyle is doing, this Lockout is killing guys like.

Anonymous said...

he had a tryout with the 49ers, which is to be expected seeing as he's from that area so it's easy for him to get there