Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday--June 17, 2011

The CAA administrators have ruled on UMass' record in the CAA this year:

"In CAA Football, it was decided that the University of Massachusetts, which is in the process of transitioning to the FBS level, will not be eligible for the CAA Championship in 2011, but its players will still be eligible to receive pre-season, weekly and post-season awards. The Minutemen’s official conference record will be recorded as 0-0 and it will not occupy a spot in the CAA Football standings. However, the game results will be reflected in their opponents’ conference record. CAA Football will have 11 members this season with the addition of Old Dominion University. Georgia State University will join CAA Football in 2012".

They will also sponsor NCAA legislation allowing five seasons of eligibility for football. Not sure what they mean by that. Be able to use four years of playing in any five year time period without a medical redshirt?


Former UMass assistant coach Bob Shoop is now the defensive coordinator at Vanderbilt. Shoop's Vandy bio here.


Nice work by UMass Football Blog readers who took over the "BC Interruption" hate index poll last week. It produced this response by that blog:

"Last Week's Relegation: UMass -- So the Minutemen's stint on the BC Interruption Hate Index was quite short-lived. Unfortunately, a pro-UMass crowd got hold of the Hate Index last week and with a late voting surge, ran away with last week's relegation poll. No matter. I suppose it's just as well that we don't waste any more words on the Minutemen, seeing as they pale in comparison to BC in football, hockey, basketball, sailing, baseball and pretty much every other collegiate sport out there. "


The Maryland blog "Terrapin Station" has a profile of Coach Dudzinski.


Bleacher Report has one of those lets-rearrange-all-the-conferences stories and places UMass in a hypothetical "Northeast Conference" .


UMass athletics has a page in which you can vote for the "Play-of-the-Year". Two UMass football plays: Antoine Tharpe's big hit against JUM and Ryan Carter's 97 yard return against Maine.

Vote early and often!


Brandon London caught six passes for 67 yards and a TD in an Alouttes' preseason game.

Sun-Sentinel image

 Image from London's modeling career during his time with the Dolphins.



Anonymous said...

I hope Coach Dudz wasn't part of that reporting....where is his loyalty if so?

Anonymous said...

no but he was the reason for the horrible defense last 2 years