Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday News--- Summer Solstice 2010

The Nashua Sports Legends Hall-of-Fame will elect former UMass QB Greg Landry this July 4th.


The Hartford Courant's sports blogger does not remember UMass-UConn.


The NCAA has made a couple of changes to FCS football Rules. Relevant quotes:

"The cabinet supports prohibiting institutions from providing accommodations to their student-athletes on the night before home contests in FCS football."

"Cabinet members sponsored legislation for the 2010-11 legislative cycle to increase the number of student-athletes allowed to practice before an institution’s first day of class to 95 in FCS football starting in 2011. Currently, FCS football teams may have a maximum of 90 participants."


Today is Summer Solstice. Other holidays related to today are Litha (Norse/Anglo Saxon "longest Day"), Midsummer's Day and St. John's Eve.

Also there is "Comet McNaught" available if you are up before dawn. Binoculars will help.


Today is seventy-five days until football. Wearing #75 for UMass this year is John Moran, a 6-4 315 pd RS SO OL from Salem, MA. Moran played in one game against Northeastern in 2009.



MinuteFan said...

Doesn't UMass currently put the players up for the night before home games in the Campus Center Hotel? They get together in the morning for breakfast, meetings with the coaches, etc. Why would the NCAA want to ban this practice, and only for FCS football? It seems to me its the coaches way of keeping the team together, focused, and out of trouble's way the night before a game. What is the NCAAs problem with this? Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

What a ridiculous rule change, especially given the fact it's just for FCS.

UMass74 said...

Unless things have changed recently, UMass would put up the team in the Campus Center Hotel for night before the game.

I believe that some schools were complaining they did not have the money for home game lodging.

However, it seems that this rule gives the advantage to the visiting team, who will be staying at a hotel.

It's going to be a circus trying to do a bed check on kids scattered all over (and off) campus.

Anonymous said...

Those schools could choose to not stay at a hotel before home games. As far as I know there was no rule that said home teams HAD to stay at a hotel the night before a game. What a horrible new rule.

Anonymous said...

The issue is not so much about bed check but how do you get any sleep in the dorms with the other students partying on a Friday night. The students on the floor should not have to adhere to a lights out/noise ban. This will probably force teams to revert to putting there on campus players into a specific into atletics dorm only. James used to be somewhat like this in the 80's. Not sure if that is the case any more.

Completely bush league. If I didn't no better I would think this attempt to force parity amongst the FCS programs had something to do with Obamanomics.