Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday News --- June 28th, 2010

UMass loses a transfer battle for former Cincinnati QB Najee Tyler. The 6-5 RS FR chose Youngstown state over Hampton, UMass, Appalachian State and Texas State.


New Bedford's Jon Williams will play for Dean College this fall with the hope of eventually moving on to UMass or URI.


Phil Steele is doing a FCS Top 25 daily countdown. His east regional magazine that covers FCS football is almost ready for release.


The Toronto Sun (in between anarchist riots), speculates why a number of highly talented American quarterbacks failed in Canadian Football.


I'll be back tomorrow with some more recruiting news.


Anonymous said...

Miracle for Umass Football earlier today during weight training. We could of lost starting Left Guard Joshua Samueda to a bench pressing accident, Thank god it didn't land on his throat. He did end up getting surgery on his ear. Remember always to be careful working out with heavy weights i would hate to hear anything like this happen ever again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Frank, renewed season ticket and purchased UMass-UNH ticket; sad they stopped the media guides and that they are now charging to park in what was the yellow lot. I thought the goal was to encourage people to become season-ticket holders.

UMass74 said...

UMass was the last hold-out on free parking in the CAA. With the recession, they need the $$. I was not happy either, but that's the way things go in this economic climate.

I do a little powerlifting. When things go bad in the BP, they go bad QUICKLY. If you're going heavy, you need a spotter who is paying attention. Hope Samuda recovers.