Monday, June 07, 2010

Monday News --- June 7, 2010

ABC40 has another story about Tony Nelson signing with the Argonauts.


Josh Buchanan's updated 2011 NFL "Small School" NFL Draft list.


The Green and White Report features Vladimir Ducasse in this article.


Future CAA program Georgia State adds a QB transfer from Alabama.


A story about CAA's commissioner Tom Yeager's 25 years with the league. The CAA has done an excellent job with the football side of the league.


Stories from the New Jersey Northeast football Classic here and here and here.

Image of UMass recruit Brandon Hill by Aristide Economopoulos/The Star-Ledger.


Eighty-nine days until football starts. Wearing #89 for the Minutemen is Aaron Fears a RS SR WR from North Attleboro, MA. Fears played in 10 games in 2009, started 0. He had 3-47 15.7 AVE (highest average on the team) 1 TD 21 long 4.7 AVE/game. Fears should be in the mix for increased playing time in 2010.



Anonymous said...

Hill looked good, not much passing going on in the game.

Anonymous said...

I cant remember a sr class that had this many kids go on to the nfl or cfl. I still have no idea how we were a 5-6 team. My sons high school would beat 3 of those teams we beat. Its not like we had a big transition either. we brought back what 9 coaches? I guess Brown was that good of a coach. congrats Tony!

MinuteFan said...

Not denigrating Brown as a coach. We got to the championship game with him, so its hard to complain about that. But UMass was only 7-5 his last season, and that was with Liam Coen at QB. I daresay that last years team would have been 7-4or 8-3 with the senior version of Coen under center. Don Brown got the benefit of perhaps the best QB UMass has ever had, recruited by Mark Whipple. The biggest failure of UMass over the last few years was in not grooming a successor to Coen. And that happened on Brown's watch.

Uass said...

those guys actually had to be coached or else they would have been drafted out of high school. So good job to Umass coaches. Brown only coached Miles as position coach. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

great job tony !

Anonymous said...

in football you cant be drafted out of high school. if people comment they should at least have a small understanding of the concept and rules of football.