Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday News---March 23rd, 2010

The UMass football players will be out in force tomorrow to try to add members to the Bone Marrow Registration Drive sponsored by the CAA.


Yesterday we were talking about transfers. The following is from the CAA Signing Day Recap. If any team as signed additional transfers since then, I don't know about it.

Delaware (3)
James Madison (0)

Maine (0)

UMass (6)
  • Galen Clemons DL 6-2 255 Central Michigan
  • Anthony Dima OL 6-7 271 Hofstra
  • John Griffin TB 6-0 Northeastern
  • Chade Hunte LB 6-0 205 Northeastern
  • Anthony Nelson WR 5-10 Hofstra
  • Greg Nyland OL 6-5 305 Northeastern
New Hampshire (0)

Rhode Island (5)
Richmond (1)
Towson (2)
Villanova (1)
William & Mary (1)

I've already blogged about the UMass transfers. Other than UMass, the CAA has five transfers from Hofstra, two from Northeastern, two from Dean College, one each from USC, North Carolina and Georgia Military College.

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Anonymous said...

Morris has been here a full year now. Its time to start seeing some results.