Monday, March 01, 2010

Monday News ----March 1st, 2010

Vladimir Ducassse gets more ink in the NFL Combine here and here and here.


Yet another Michigan blogger writes for Bleacher Report and compares UMass with Delaware State. BTW, I'm pretty sure that's one of my images.

However, the same blogger has the UMass Marching Band as one of the top six college bands in the USA.

Another Michigan prediction article from Bleacher Report.


Former Wisconsin DE Obrien Schofield tore his ACl at the Senior Bowl going against Vladimir Ducasse.


This article talks about BC's Mile McLaughlin and mentions his father Mike and his uncle Joe who both played for UMass.



Anonymous said...

here is the list of award winners from the banquet on

on a side note, i understand the band is really good and all. but i feel they have become too much of a focus at the games. people should be going to the games to see football be played, not for the halftime show....which is the same every week

Anonymous said...

The band supports the team and we should consider ourselves lucky to have such a strong contingent of talented students who themselves support the football team, or else they wouldn't show up to practice and at games in the cold to show their colors. It's called pageantry, and on a beautiful fall day (or evening) there's something in the experience for everyone. They're good, the football team is good, and so, give credit where hard work and dedication are warranted. If the team wins the CAA next year or advances well into the playoffs, all attention is given to the team, which does, in part, consitute the musicians as well.

Anonymous said...

We could of used the 1.5 million dollar band building to help improve our lockers rooms, our coahces offices, etc. If we want to be treated like a successful program we have to look like one!!!! the championship center, or the building at the end of the end zone would do that. Look what Richmond, JMU, Towson, ODU are doing!!!!

Anonymous said...

You just don't get it about the band! We have season tickets. My wife is there for the band, and takes a walk when a football game breaks out. Our game attendance would be MUCH less if not for the band.

hampfan said...

i agree with the last post. the band is all apart of the atmosphere that is college football. to watch the band march in and play the national anthem is amazing. no better way to spend a fall afternoon.

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry to say this, but it is a sad day if the only reason your wife comes is for the band. i do understand the love for the band and the passion they all have. that's great. but they should not be a primary focus. aren't they there to support the team, not steal the spotlight?

i would rather see a stadium half full of real fans, compared a stadium 3/4 full of people that just want to see the bad and could care less about UMass football.

like the other commenter wrote, if we want to be treated like a big time football program, we need to look like one. have you ever seen the locker rooms? they are pathetic. not to mention it looks like half the coaches now work in trailers. let's be serious.

Anonymous said...

its pretty obvious that half the people are there for the band, and then we probably have the worst student fans in the history of college football, thousands go to tail-gate then maybe 100 actually go into the stadium and watch the game

Anonymous said...

FWIW, my kid has been a member of THE POWER AND CLASS OF NEW ENGLAND for the last four seasons. For that reason, my wife and I have had season tickets for that entire time, as well as brought along various grandparents, cousins etc on many occasions. We have gone to every home game, plus the away games when the band goes...Navy, Delaware, CHATTANOOGA....yes Chattanooga, with probably a couple hundred other BAND PARENTS. We like football and all, but there is no way we would make the 500 mile roundtrip if my kid were not in the band. We also made what is a significant (to us) donation toward the bands new building, which, if I understand correctly, was the most succesful building campaign in the history of UMASS. I know for sure there are many other families of band members just like us. If the football teams facilities are substandard, that is unfortunate....but the band has had no facility at all for something like the past ten years. Think about that for a minute...they literally get dressed for games in a parking lot! Personally, I think anything less than emormous gratitude for what the UMMMB ADDS to the football program is.....well....pathetic.