Monday, July 30, 2007

Whoa! Major TV package for the CAA

The CAA has announced the largest FCS/I-AA TV package in the nation.

The CAA announcement is here (contains a list of the entire package).

From the UMass website: The league released its television package on Wednesday with five UMass games listed: at Colgate (Time Warner-TV), vs. Towson (CN8), at Maine (CN8), vs. Northeastern (CN8), and vs. New Hampshire (CN8).

have DSL or cable broad band you can watch CN8 over the internet here .

ESPN360 is an internet-only streaming video and can be watched here .

Most of the other options can be viewed on satellite TV. I have Dish Network 250 channel package and it contains many of the listed regional sports networks (MSG network, etc). View the options here (click on the sports button).

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Ned Hughes said...

This is awesome. Previously majorly unfollowed things can now be followed thanks to the internet.