Saturday, July 21, 2007

Summer Vacation II

The UMass Football Blog will be on its second (and last) summer vacation from July 22nd until July 28th (next Saturday). I will be in the Great Frozen North .

The internet has not yet been invented there, so I will not be able to update the blog.

There has been a lot of football news this week and I have not been able to get ahead on the player countdown. I will catch up as soon as I return.

Because of the trip I will not be able to cover the Friends of Football's annual golf outing. If any blog-friend attends and wants to send me an e-mail with a report, I will publish it after I return.

The past post count is now up to over 1,450 past posts. feel free to check those out until I resume publishing in a week. Go UMass!


Anonymous said...

Have a good trip.

Anonymous said...

Standard courtesy says we should be getting two weeks notice. What am It looks like I will actually have to get right to work in the morning. Be sure to rest up because it is going to be a busy season. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to point out something on one of the links to the blog's. I believe it is the blog 1863 or something with that strange number. I was searching around the website and found the spring depth chart, two things, the freshman at the bottom are those going to be there positions or were they given randomly, secondly when you click on a couple of the freshman pages the link to their profile does not connect if you could contact the blogger to notify, thanks

Keep up the great work with your blog its going to be a great season