Monday, July 30, 2007

More free stuff from Phil Steele

Phil Steele is the only college football magazine to cover FCS/I-AA football with any depth.

He's releasing the entire content (30+ pages) for free on his website. However, each conference will only be up for two days.

The schedule:

Phil Steele's FCS Release Dates:

Northeast: August 13-14
Ohio Valley: August 14-15
Southern: August 15-16
Southland: August 16-17
SWAC: August 17-20

Big Sky : August 1-2
Big South: August 2-3
Colonial: August 3-6
Gateway: August 6-7

Great West: August 7-8
Ivy League: August 8-9
Ind & MACC: August: 9-10
MEAC: August 10-13


saint0917 said...

I just bought his National Mag., lots of great info. But no FCS info in it. :-(

UMass74 said...

I too bought his national mag. the FCS stuff is only in the Western region for some reason.