Saturday, July 07, 2007

UMass Football Blog on Vacation 07/08/07 to 07/15/07

The UMass Football Blog will be on vacation for the week of 07/08/08 to 07/15/07.

Mrs. Blog and I will be in the great American Southwest for a week. I will resume publishing next Sunday.

I was only able to get ahead a couple of days on the player countdown. I'll catch up on the count when I get back. In the meantime feel free to browse the more than 1,400 previous posts.


Coach T said...

Can you give some information on Christian Koegel? Is he at any NFL or professional camp? We have had UMASS Football Season Tickets for 11 seasons and Chris in one of the nicest people to wear the uniform!!!

From, his friends,

The Conroy's and Jacob #13

UMass74 said...

My sources say that Christian is in good spirits and continues to be very focused on being signed with a pro team.

AFAIK, he has not yet been signed with any pro team.

Every one from the UMass football nation wishes him the best.