Thursday, June 08, 2006

UMass Game Jerseys Part II

Regular readers will forgive a second post on UMass Game Jerseys. The UMass Yard sale was a success raising over $17,000 for the UMass Athletic Scholarship Fund.

The Athletic Dept is considering a second run in the fall. UMass football fans might want to E-mail Jaime Seguin to ask her to hold the second sale and perhaps provide some mechanism for non-Amherst area fans to purchase Football Game Jerseys.
  1. These are real UMass Football Jerseys
  2. These jerseys should be primo "collectables" after the CAA takes over from the A10 as the football league (all the jerseys have the A10 logo on the left shoulder)
  3. The jerseys are wearable. I have Jeff Krohn's #7. See my previous post. Jeff was 6-3 213. I'm 5-9 180. Even Mrs. Blog-----who usually casts a jaundiced eye on anything I wear---- said " That doesn't fit you bad". Most adult males should be able to wear the lower numbered jerseys.
  4. They are really, really cool.
If you really love UMass Football, the jerseys are worth the effort to try to get one.


dennisdent said...


I sent an email to Mike Hodges about buying some UMass game jersey; he wrote back that he will forward my email to the equipment manger.

Why doesn't the marketing office sell the game used stuff on Ebay or on the UMass site? Sounds like a great program for some of the sports management majors to work on...

UMass74 said...


I agree. At the Spring game my group bought 5 jerseys. That was $250 or 1.5% of the entire sale.

Figure that they have at least 100 jerseys----that's 5 grand for the scholarship fund.

UMassfan said...

I got myself a white Shannon James number 6. Its hangin up on my wall right now. I dont have many places to wear it in vegas but might break it out when I come home in November

UMass74 said...

All right UMassFan!

We'll now be able to spot all the true believers at a distance with their UMass Jerseys :)