Wednesday, June 28, 2006

2006 Recruit OLB/DB Sam Besong

Joining the Minutemen's 2006 recruiting class is Sam Besong a 6'0" 210 pd Outside Linebacker/Safety from Brockton H.S.

The image to the left is from the Berkshire School. Besong is #23.

In 2005 Besong was a Rivals two star player and was recruited by Boston College, Rutgers, Syracuse and Virginia. His 2005 Boston Globe All-Scholastic bio is here .

He ended up having a year at the Berkshire School were he led the Prep league with 80 tackles. The Berkshire School's press release about him signing with UMass is here.

One interesting side article is this Rivals 2005 list of the Top Ten players in MA. Note that UMass has signed two of the top ten.

Coach Brown and staff seem to be doing an outstanding job with recruiting!


Tom UM '72 said...

The updated roster is up on the athletics site. The good news is that all 19 recruits/transfers are in summer workouts at UM along with Sam Besong whom you have hilited and appears to be a "stud" and Bob McLaughlin, son of former UM star Joe. Hope we can snag that Nixon guy from Maryland to complete an impressive list. I counted 14 OL's,13 DL's, 18 LB's and 18 DB's counting the new guys! Can't wait!!

UMass74 said...


I'll be doing a post on Bob McLaughlin next.

Rumor is that the OT from Maryland will be comming, but with no confirmation, I won't publish any details.