Saturday, July 07, 2018

UMass Football News--July 7th, 2018

I picked up Lindy's College Football Preview magazine yesterday. Lindy's has UMass' 2018 schedule predicted as follows:

Team--conference ranking--national ranking

Duquesne--Northeast Conference Champions--n/a

Boston College--ACC #10-Nat'l #49

Georgia Southern--Sun Belt #4-Nat'l #100

FIU--C-USA #8-Nat'l #108

Charlotte C-USA #13-Nat'l #126

Ohio--MAC Champions -Nat'l #51

USF--AAC #4-Nat'l #59

Coastal Carolina-Sun Belt #9-Nat'l 123

UConn--AAC #11--Nat'l # 117

Liberty--n/a-Nat'l 126

BYU--n/a-Nat'l 83

Georgia--SEC #2-Nat'l #4


Athlon Sports has Isaiah Rogers as one of the Top-50 underrated payers for 2018.

Athlon also looks at the over-and-under for C-USA of whom we play two teams in 2018.


Auburn Undercover ranks Jack Driscoll has #38 on the Tigers squad.



Anonymous said...

What was UMass rank?

UMass74 said...

Lindy's has UMass as #99

Anonymous said...


msumassfootball said...

The Lindy's ranking is the highest we've been in our FBS tenure. Many of these games, at least by numbers, are winnable.

UMass74 said...

I agree many of the 2018 games are winnable.

Also we have to remember Coastal Carolina. Good thing neither the video or the WEEI audio was working for that game, because I probably would have had a stroke had I been actively involved :(

Anonymous said...

We have our deepest and probably the best team we've had. I also like that eventhough we lost guys on D, its year 2 in the system. We also have by far the easiest schedule we've had to date. This really us a make or break season. Let's go bowling!!

Anonymous said...

If Pinkham can be creative on rush defense and pass rush to compensate for the front weakness, then we can be a solid team all around. No worries about the rest, and yes I think Whip has set us up for a solid kicking game for the future. If Pink can do some magic, and I believe he can then there are 6 or 7 games that we should/could win without even digging into the list of potential upset wins (BYU, OH, USF, BC). One thing we cannot do is be upset ourselves in any games we are favored. July feeling - cautiously optimistic!

msumassfootball said...

Punting and especially kicking have been our Achilles heel for far too many years with the exception of last season. Finding a reliable and consistent heir to L.L. will be hit or miss (ptp). If the latter, it could be another season of 'if only' and "what happened with recruiting?' If the former, then the season has real potential for exciting outcomes and big props to recruiting and coaching. But special teams play has to complement on every play.

Anonymous said...

Major investment in incoming kickers and long snapping. I like what I’ve seen on video.