Monday, July 30, 2018

UMass Football News--July 30th, 2018

New UMass Hampshire Gazette UMass beat writer has a report on the Minutemen's first day of practice. He interviews Coach Whipple and Bryton Barr (who should be on his way to his Doctorate).

The UMass Twitter feed has a video from yesterday's camp.


One question for the Fall camp is who is going to play fullback? Whipple sometimes runs the pro-set "heavy" (i.e. with a fullback). Not many teams run that. Last year's roster had five FB's. Andrew Libby, Matt Tuleja and Malik Lee all graduated. Avien Peah RSSO 6-2 260 is now listed as a TE on the latest roster. He could, of course, play both positions.

The only FB listed on the roster is 6-2 228 pound true freshman walk-on Adam Deese.


Mike Traini of "Fight Massachusetts" reports UMass only RB recruit for 2018 Rashard Jackson, will not report and will instead join Lackawanna College in PA.


True Freshmen could make an immediate impact with UConn.



Anonymous said...

Wonder what Bamford thinks of a coach who annually refuses to focus on recruiting a reasonable supply of competent running backs.Does the name MARCEL SHIPP ring a bell with Whipple.Basically he brought him his only success as a UMass HC.

vetteson said...

Actually Whipple did not recruit Shipp, Mike Hodges did. Whipple's only meaningful "recruits" in '98 were transfers. Other than QBs, Whipple never really recruited that many good players. Why program declined after '98.

Anonymous said...

I only meant Whipple had the benefit of a great runner,not that he necessarily personally recruited him.That alone should have been a life lesson for the passing game guru. But it wasn't!

Anonymous said...

vetteson you don't know what you're talking about!!! Whipple's recruits made up the 2006 team that went to the title game! He left UMass in 2003. The teams below were full of his recruits!

2002 12 8-4-0 .667 A-10 6-3-0 3rd Results Stats
2003 13 10-3-0 .769 A-10 8 -1-0 1st A-10 Champs/NCAA First Rd.
2004 11 6-5-0 .545 A-10 4-4-0 2nd N Results Stats Roster
2005 11 7-4-0 .636 A-10 6-2-0 2nd N Results Stats Roster
2006 15 13-2-0 .867 A-10 8-0-0 1st N A-10 Champs/NCAA Title Game
2007 13 10-3-0

minutefanjsf said...

Liam Coen was a Whipple recruit for example. Coen almost didn’t come to us. DB had to convince him. Sure Whip brought in some transfers, many who were great, but he also recruited well. Baylark was also a Whipple recruit, he was a non qualifier and sat out 2002.

vetteson said...

To "anonymous": You left out 1999-2001, remember he won National Championship in 1998. The complete record is:

1998 8-3. National Champion
1999 9-4, lost in QF to Ga. So.
2000 7-4
2001 3-8
2002 8-4
2003 10-3. lost in first round to Colgate in "White out" game.

Minutefanjsf said...

That 2001 record is when Whips first class would have been seniors. Remember the history here. Jim Reid saved the program, but sacrificed himself as well. No one was singing with us. The 1998 championship season brought in the graduating classes that come after 2001. That 2001 year blew for sure. It is also right after that year that Whip recruited and signed Baylark. If I remember correctly, 1999, 2000, and 2001 had some roster turnover more than usual. Whip took some risks that didn't pan out.