Tuesday, July 10, 2018

UMass Football News--July 10th, 2018

One big change for the Minutemen in 2018 will be the kicking game. Logan Laurant went 13-15 86.7% in field goals. His kicking was the margin of victory in the Appalachian State and BYU victories.

Logan also did all the punting. He went 65-2772 42.6 AVE 63 LONG 6 TB 17 i20 and 14 50+.

Longan and Freshman Michael Schneider (0-4 field goals 35-1960 kickoffs) are gone. Long snapper Nick Berus also graduated.

Returning are:

Mike Caggiano RSJR--Redshirted 2017. He is 1-3 in career field goal attempts. Handled all the kickoffs and PAT's in 2016.

Evan Padilla RSFR. Redshirted in 2017.

Theo Yongue RSSR. No career stats.

Joining the team this year:

Cooper Garcia JR . Lindy's Magazine picked Cooper as UMass' top newcomer for 2018. "PK Cooper Garcia: The transfer from Ventura College steps right into the kicking job, and he will be big for an offense that expects to pile up the points. Garcia was 15 of 20 on field goal attempts and 59-for-59 on PAT's last year for Ventura."

George Georgopoulos FR. Was first-team All-Region as a punter in 2016 and 2017 in HS.

UMass returns two long snappers:

Peter Comaroto RSJR: DNP in 2017.

Harry Blair RSSO: Redshirted in 2017.

The Minutemen add:

Evan Deckers FR. Highly rated LS by several kicking camps.

UMass fans have suffered through 4 1/2 years of tear-your-hair-out bad kicking and six games of great kicking. It was no coincidence that we won four of the six of those games. The Minutemen will start a new kicker, punter and LS on August 25th. We shall see...


UMass moved to FBS in 2012 and EA Sports NCAA Football computer football game promptly died. SB Nation thinks it could come back.



The Smoking Chimp said...

Frank, regarding this quote:

"UMass fans have suffered through 4 1/2 years of tear-your-hair-out bad kicking and six games of great kicking. It was no coincidence that we won four of the six of those games".

Truer words have never been spoken! I know there are a bunch of lows to choose from, but for me, the blocked PAT by Temple and subsequent return for two points is the worst. I've never walked out of a stadium more dejected. Let's cross our fingers that the new kicker, punter and LS work out!

That said, I can't wait for 2018 and i'm looking forward to surprising people. Further, no one in the past ever showed us any sympathy when we played brutal schedules with multiple SEC schools, or P5 schools, so we shouldn't apologize for playing a softer schedule this year. And if one thinks its too soft, we are playing BC, BYU, UConn and GEORGIA!!!

Anonymous said...

Just a heads up...UMass people should check their e-mail for a survey from the University. It focuses mainly on branding, specifically "UMass" vs. "UMass Amherst."

For all those like me who have disliked "the hyphen" this is a great chance to get our voices heard. The survey is somewhat long but worth doing.

UMass74 said...

There are lots of kicking lowlights-----the four missed FG's against Temple, the missed 9-yard field goal to send the Vanderbilt game into OT, many KO's out of bounds after a UMass score to hand the momentum back to the opposition. I can feel my heart rate coming up just thinking about it.

Hopefully, it's all behind us :)

Anonymous said...

How about choosing to run the ball in,instead of kicking a field goal against Vanderbilt,a short pat type field goal. No excuse saying the kicker wasn't very good.You still kick it.

Anonymous said...

Who is the special teams coach? It’s on you!!