Saturday, July 28, 2018

UMass Football News--July 28th, 2018

New Hampshire Gazette UMass beat writer josh Walfish introduces himself.


I believe UMass starts Fall Camp today.  We are a month out from the opening game with Duquesne.


Ryan Gallant reports UMass staff is backfilling historical box scores into the the Minutemen website.


The UConn AD call out the Huskie fan base and tells them to "be accountable" and show up for football games.



Anonymous said...

Saw UMA average attendance in the article at 10,000/game. Nice to see Bamford move out underperforming staff vs blaming fans like Benedict.

Anonymous said...

Hope to hear that all our 2018 signees show up tomorrow.

msumassfootball said...

The last paragraph calls out the UConn AD:

"We’re sure all the fans are thrilled at being questioned about coming out to watch a sub-par product on the field and will quickly buy some season tickets as a result of these comments"

Anonymous said...

Hope a lot of you/us are going to make it to the UMass Golf Charity on Monday ��️ ��

Anonymous said...

Word is that the only recruited running back for UMass in the past two years has just decided to go to community college rather than join pre season camp.I think its time for coach to go out and recruit another QB.

Anonymous said...

No but the gridiron club check has been sent! I hope it is used for the team and not for student tailgate cleanup.

Anonymous said...

Frank> enjoy your last Sunday off, until after our bowl game!

UMass74 said...

From your keyboard to God's ear!