Friday, December 22, 2017

UMass Foothball News--December 22nd, 2017

Mark Chiarelli of MassLive has a story about UMass' first early signing day.

Quote from the article:

"Whipple expects multiple transfers from the junior college ranks (he's had success nabbing tight ends who take circuitous roots to Amherst) to enroll at UMass in January, and signee Parker Ogle will graduate high school in December and enroll as well."


Matty Vautour has a post on Whipple's comments on UMass' early signing day.

Matty says there will be a number of late transfers, which could include a kicker.


Texas CB Eric Hallett did not sign with Washington State. His other visit was to UMass, so he may still be in play.


Liberty announces 2020 and 2021 schedules that include UMass.


Temple beat FIU 28-3 in the Gasparilla Bowl.

Two more of UMass' 2017 opponents play today. Ohio meets UAB in the Bahamas Bowl and Appalachian State plays Toledo in Dollar General Bowl.



Anonymous said...

Liam Coen is the the new OC at Holy Cross.Guess Whip wasn't willing to relinquish or share his favorite role with the obvious choice for replacement.Just replacing the special teams coach isn't going to get it done out in Amherst.Cosmetic changes for the stadium,cosmetic changes for the coaching staff.Someone is in denial.

Anonymous said...

The offense scored plenty of points...the D improved, and will get better...special teams mucho room for improvement! Do you watch these games? Maine was a 2nd rate CAA, Give Coen time, and experience.smfh

Johnnystah said...

How is Liam Coen the obvious choice for replacement? He's spent two seasons as an FCS offensive coordinator. I like him, but let's pump the brakes a second.

Anonymous said...

I agree. This seems like such glaring void and obvious oppty for improvement to all of us. Doesn't Ryan B see this? I hope the move is still in the works. Whip is good for UM, but he'd be better if he was just the CEO and not a Dept Head (manage the forest and not the trees), that's the job of Assts.

Anonymous said...

Maine Was a Second rate CAA team that held their own and almost beat UMass with Coen,get your glasses fixed

Anonymous said...

Offense scored a lot of points, but judging offense isn't just about putting points on the board. Need to look at how they managed time, how they adjusted to changes by the defense, efficiency, consistency, etc.

minutefanjsf said...

Liam is still learning the ropes, but his second rate offense out a scare into our team at Fenway. We are a team that needs to take risks with hiring young guys who are on their way up (hopefully). I would love to see Liam working with Whip and calling the plays. I would not be surprised to see him here, but if he keeps improving, we may miss out on him as well.

Anonymous said...

Maine has been average at 1AA, stop it with the obsession with Coen. We need to win now, no amateur hour, we had that with Molnar, Kenney, McCutcheon.