Friday, December 29, 2017

UMass Football News--December 29th, 2017

The Worcester Telegram has the UMMB is headed towards the Rose Parade.

The Hampshire Gazette has an editorial that says UMass shows its prowess with its band, a battery and dirt.


Fellow Independent New Mexico State plays Utah State today in the Arizona Bowl at 5:30 pm.


If you missed it, James Madison will meet North Dakota State in the FCS Championship on January 6th. That's a long season for the teams that make the championship game.


BC coach Steve Addazio feels the Eagles future is bright with ACC Rookie-of-the-year A.J. Dillon.

UMass fans will get to see Dillon in person when the Minutemen play BC on September 1st, 2018 at the Heights.



Anonymous said...

Frank,Happy New Year, your contributions to Umass football are immeasurable. You give, don’t ask for Ttention and keep it clean. Hopefully, other blogs/podcasts can learn from you, as hoops has nothing like this. Only people who give $20 bucks to the program, and begin to think, they are the thought leaders and experts. UMass needs more donors at ALL levels to succeed, not just advice on what UMass needs to do! I can’t believe these people don’t understand why Umass can’t afford to charter for every road trip in hoops.

Anonymous said...

Hoops podcast is awful, two know nothings talking over each other, dropping f bombs. Dummies.