Thursday, December 28, 2017

UMass Footbal News--December 28th, 2017

UMass image
MassLive has the UMMB is Pasadena bound.

The Salem News has locals that will march with the UMMB on New Years day.

Northeast Public radio says the UMMB is preparing for the Rose Parade.

The Boston Globe says it's a long haul for the UMass Marching Band.


I watched the Boston College-Iowa game last evening.  I can't help regretting UMass did not get A.J. Dillon when we recruited him. He's just an awesome back. He would have changed the program here.

IMHO, Dillon is the most NFL-ready back in the nation. It'll be interesting to see how long he stays at BC.


OT, but Georgia hoops picked up a Top-60 basketball commit. Those home-and-home games with UMass that came with the 2018 football game are really helping the Dogs with their recruiting :)



Anonymous said...

UMass had no chance for Dillon as we all know.I would imagine Notre Dame and Michigan who had strong connections with him are beating their heads against the wall for missing out.BC promised him 35 carries a game if he matriculated there. Do you think Whipple's passing circus would have been attractive to him? Besides UMass still seems to recruit mostly smallish RBs.

Anonymous said...

Dillon will probably play three years and declare if he continues his trajectory. He singlehandedly saved BC from a mediocre season and likely Addazio's job. He should be fun to watch next year. Too bad he isn't with us. He could have done more and probably would have started from day one.

UMass74 said...

Whipple ran Steve Baylark and Marcel Shipp a lot. If Dillon had signed with UMass he would be getting his carries. Shipp ran for 2,542 yards in one season. Baylark had 1,960.

He would have been in a much better offense than BC has. Iowa adjusted in the second half. BC didn't. IMHO, BC's offense really sucks. It's just a bad, slow offense.

And yes, he would have changed the program at UMass. Ah well.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me why would he choose UMass,a school with no conference,no indoor practice facility,little national exposure,a very sad record of accomplishment in FBS,meagre following, and a coach whose game time decision making is erratic at best-not to mention the crumbling tiny stadium. Of course he would have helped us,but why would he,why should he ? I wish Jim brown had played for Umass too!