Thursday, December 21, 2017

UMass Football News--Day 2 of the Early Signing Perido

UPDATE: The UMass website has bios for all of yesterday's commits.


Since yesterday's blog post two more recruits have signed:


Matty Vautour has a story on the 12 recruits who signed yesterday.

Mike Traini of "Fight Massachusetts" has a post on what we've learned so far in the early signing period.


247Sports has UMass currently at #105 in the 2018 recruiting class rankings. The Minutemen will probably sign 6 to 8 more recruits, which should push us at least into the 90's.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ has a story on East Longmeadow's Elijah Johnson signing a letter-of-intent with UMass.


Some who got away:

Julius Welschof, who camped at UMass and was discovered by UMass alum Brandon Collier, signed at Michigan.

Two New England players with UMass offers, Jehlani Galloway and Ryan Betro signed with Boston College.

Will Lewis and Pat Freiermuth, both with UMass offers, signed with Penn State.

Will Froumy an OL from Exeter, NH signed with Syracuse over a Minutemen offer.



Anonymous said...

Thanks to FIU, I’m homeless.smfh

UMass74 said...

I was thinking of you after McGough separated his shoulder.

James Pierotti said...

Hi Frank, do you happen to know how many true freshman played in a game this season? I know of at least one- Ogbonna. I ask because I am sure the coaches are telling these recruits they will have He opportunity to play right away. I’m just curious who actually plays right away. The true freshman players in my opinion are few and far between even at UMass. I wish this were a higher ranked recruiting class....I know a lot can change between now and April but still.

Patty Austin said...

It would be satisfying to see more of an emphasis in building a significant defense instead of focusing on stockpiling QBs and WRS.In the end it is the defensive oriented that play consistently week after week,not the flashy passing outfits.Defense will always keep you in the game,if you have the players.A good defense supported by some big hard running backs to slow the game down to rest your defense will bring tangible success. Otherwise you end up with games like the FIU game giving up 60+ points-to our 45.What a debacle. BC just brought in a 240 lb running back-where is our hard charging back?

UMass74 said...

We do get 225 pound Syracuse RB transfer Jordan Fredericks eligible next year.

Jordan Fredericks

UMass74 said...

True Freshman Jesse Britt had 29 catches for 422 yards and 3 TD's.

Chinedu Ogbonna played in all 12 games.

Xavier Steele played in 7 games.

Tyrus Lebeau played in 11 games.

Mike Ruane played in 10 games.

Cole McCubrey played in 10 games.

James Pierotti said...

Thanks Frank! That’s a pretty decent number. Recruits will see that and believe they have that chance too.

mike locapo said...

Jake Byzco and silky brown played as well.

CC kids that played - Tyler Hayes, Jacoby Herring and Michael Curtis.

11/20 played, and one of those 20 (Brown) we believe is a GS.