Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Wednesday--May 3rd, 2017

Mike Traini of "Fight Massachusetts" has some thoughtful commentary on A.D. Ryan Bamford's Facebook appearance.

With no conference affiliation in the near future, UMass will not be able to make any large-scale improvements to McGuirk. The best thing UMass can do is win some games. That's the "fan experience" 95% of the fans want. It will also position the program to move if a conference opening does happen.

The previous administration peed on all our shoes by leaving us with that 2016 schedule. I like the fact Bamford and Whipple are planing future schedules that will give us a chance to win. In the real world, finances require we play at least two money games, probably three. I think Bamford has done an excellent job with his hires and will continue to make a positive impact on UMass football.

Whipple has done a good job adding to our recruiting stream with transfers: Frohnapfel, Breneman, Ford and Syracuse transfer Jordan Fredericks. Next stop is six wins and a bowl game...


Adam Breneman is the top TE in the 2018 NFL draft according to a Bleacher Report article.


Victor Cruz is anxious to play with another NFL team.



Anonymous said...

Agree with your comments about our previous administrators. John McCutcheon and Tim Kenney will go down in history as being the worst athletic administration UMASS has ever had. The fact they cashed their checks is criminal. What a difference two years has made, what a void of leadership and planning Bamford inherited. I think he has dug us out the hole we were in, now we can finally see progress. 2-17-2018 will be much better.

Creighton said...

I'm fan of Bamford's and Whipple's styles. Both are doing the hard work needed to get this team to the next level. It's not easy at all. There's no cheating or leveraging legacy, or a huge pile of endowment - it's all uphill. I like that; that we're earning it all. The key really is marketing to the school's alumni and most importantly on campus kids to get behind the football team (all teams too) and participate. Get hardcore, embrace the suck and deal with the rough stadium, deal with the Amherst outpost, deal with the beat downs from mega school ESPN teams. If we embrace the suck we'll be better off for it as we'll be forged strong when we finally get the right ingredients to win. Unite the Masses is nice, but I want to see an strong, hardcore, and git based culture that won't get knocked down...ever.

Anonymous said...

^It starts with the students and alumni, but ultimately the goal should be to be the "state's team". A source of pride for Massachusetts and New England.