Saturday, May 06, 2017

Saturday--May 6th, 2017

SB Nation previews the 2017 UMass season.


A.D. Ryan Bamford Tweets UMass is working on a TV package for the McGuirk games.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ predicts Coastal Carolina will make a successful transition to FBS football.

"There are more three-star players on this roster than several of the teams you’ll see around the bottom of the Sun Belt and Conference USA (and probably UMass too)."


The Orlando Sentinel says Temple will remain one of the Group-of-Five's toughest defensive teams.

SB Nation previews Temple, predicts 7 or 8 wins and an 82% chance of a win over the Minutemen.


USA Today looks at the 2017 conference races and predicts UConn last in the AAC.


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