Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday--May 19th, 2017

NBC Sports reports UMass adds games against Big 10 opponents.

FBS Schedules reports on Liberty and Troy adding a series. It also confirms Troy @ UMass on 09/19/2020.

The future schedules should be more fun for UMass fans. UConn returns in 2018, 2019 and 2020. A win over the Huskies will make Minutemen fans good about any season. In addition, UMass starts a four-game series with Army. If you didn't go the previous game in 2005, playing the Cadets is really a fun experience. The away games at West Point are an easy drive from New England and the game atmosphere is wonderful. You know the black power cannons UMass fires when we score? Army has a real cannon (BOOOOM!) UMass football is going to something to look forward to again.


The Boston Herald has a story about after being away from football, Adam Breneman is back on the NFL's radar.


CBS Sports has 100 things to get you excited about the 2017 season. has 100 things to look forward to in college football in 2017.


Hero Sports has UMass ranked #115, up 9 slots in 2017.


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