Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Wednesday--February 8th, 2017

UPDATE: UMass has a post and a video tribute to Boland on their website.


Matty Vautour has a post on the death of Michael Boland.

Quote from the article by his father:

Michael Jr. was a legend in DC sports as an All-Met football and basketball player. He scored 1000 more points than Roy Hibbert did at Georgetown Prep. Yet he was humble to the core,” his father said. “He wanted to help build UMass and feels the program will achieve great success if people are patient. Our great sadness is immeasurable but so has been the support of the school. Go UMass!

Mark Chiarelli of MassLive has an article on Boland's passing and many Twitter comments by his teammates.

Andrew Cyr of the UMass Daily Collegian has a short notice of Boland's death.


Because of the International Dateline, UMass-Hawaii will open the 2017 season, just beating Stanford-Rice in Australia.


FB has seven teams that benefited from easier schedules in 2016. It would be nice if UMass was included in such an article some year.


UMass ledgend Ben Albert is mentioned as a possible replacement for Georgia's defensive line coach.



Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that the Hawaii game will be televised if for no other reason than it being the first official kickoff game to the season. Should be a great turnout.

Ryan McKinney said...

Says it will be played at Gillette, I thought they wanted to play all the games at McGuirk?