Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Tuesday--February 7th, 2016

SB Nation has a post about Coastal Carolina, our second game of the 2017 season. Mentions UMass.

One of the main reasons the Minutemen have been wrong-footed since moving to FBS is 2011. You will remember we were ineligible for the CAA title because we had too many scholarships. UMass finished 2011 at 5-6 and lost four of our last five games in FCS.

The Chants were ineligible for the Big South title in 2016. They finished 10-2 and were ranked on the top ten of FCS teams.

UMass should have had about 12-15 JUCOS and FBS transfers in 2011. Followed by 12 more in the first year of Molnar's era. Basically nothing worthwhile was done in 2011 to prepare for the move. That year is still haunting us.


USA Today has the five-year recruiting averages for Group-of-Five teams. Boston College is second-to-last in the entire group.



Maxi Hradecny, who had an offer from UMass, chose Duquesne University.


CBS Sports says Superbowl LI would have been better with college football overtime rules.



Anonymous said...

Tim Kenney was the man in charge of the football upgrade!smh

Minutefanjsf said...

Frank, I see your attempt at diplomacy, and honor the attempt, but it the 2011 fiasco is not worthy of your kindness. Not only should there have been the push for more seasoned recruits, but Molnar should not have been allowed to jettison a majority of the veterans on the team. His calls for big boy football and his notorious methods led to more transfers and injuries than incoming players it seemed.