Sunday, February 19, 2017

UMass hires Ed Pinkham as defensive coordinator

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UPDATE: Ed Pinkham's Twitter feed lists him as "UMass defensive coordinator"

Matty Vautour reports UMass has hired former Western Michigan defensive coordinator Ed Pinkham for the same position with the Minutemen.

Kyle DeLuz has a post on the hiring at the UMass Daily Collegian.

Mike Traini of "Fight Massachusetts" has a report on Pinkham's hiring.

Pinkham's Western Michigan bio.

Was interviewed for the head coaching job with the Broncos.

Mentioned as an assistant who could move to the SEC.


As it happens, Mrs Blog and I were talking about the potential defensive coordinator hire on the way back from Amherst yesterday. Good thing I'm not a hockey fan, between basketball and football, there have been a lot of long drives back to New Hampshire over the the last few years.

This seems to be a good hire. Pinkham was a FBS defensive coordinator for a successful team. Mrs Blog and I were speculating about a FCS guy or an internal hire. He is a veteran coach and UMass would have to pay more than for a younger man. I assume UMass AD Ryan Bamford was willing to make the extra expenditure.

Besides X's and O's, make no mistake what moved Western Michigan from 0-11 to 13-1 and a trip to the Cotton Bowl was recruiting. Hopefully, some of T.J. Fleck's recruiting prowess rubbed off on Pinkham. I have no idea what would lure recruits to Kalamazoo could be, but Amherst should be at least equal. Pinkham needs to identify and recruit defensive players for the Minutemen. The old saw is offensive sells the tickets, but defense wins the games. Tough to sell tickets for a 2-10 team. You probably get more bang for your bucks with defense.

Western Michigan was #15 in scoring defense in 2016 allowing 277 total points and 19.8 points per game. The Broncos were #26 in total defense last year and allowed 353.4 yards a game. Western Michigan was #25 in passing yards allowed with 200.1 yards a game. UMass was #106 and allowed a 64.5% completion ratio. Pinkham's pass defense completion was 56.2 %. The Broncos gave up 17 passing TD's; UMass gave up 27.

Hiring Pinkham looks to be a positive addition to UMass football. Welcome to him and Go UMass!


Anonymous said...

Good update Frank, thanks for working on your "day off". Like you went to basketball game yesterday,spoke to some in the know, who say little attention is paid to the fools who say they will contribute to court club is Kellogg is gone. These are the Twitter tough guys who are all talk, never buying tickets and donating money to the program. It is easy to say you will, but most never follow up and give. Was told, if more have given, bought tickets,etc. it would happen this year. But unfortunately, lack of funds require UMASS to follow the contract that Kenney/McCutcheon gave away with no strings attached. UMASS fans were awful under Ford and worse under Kellogg,the support given from fans is below schools like St.Joe, Bona,GW,which puts us in the bottom four. That is on the fans. I guess the message I heard yesterday, is put up or shut up. Finances dictate it. Football supporters came up with the dough to replace Molnar early, if Bamford had the funds it would be done.

UMass74 said...

I've stayed out of the DK debate because it's OT for the blog, but my two cents is the only guy's opinion that matters is Ryan Bamford.

If he feels there is a need for change, it'll happen.