Friday, January 06, 2017

Friday--January 6th, 2016

UMass has a post on Minutemen players making the Phil Steele All-Independent Team.

You remember I linked to Steele's All-Independent Team back on December 17th.


Bloomberg discusses the financial models of FBS football. Mentions UMass a lot. Note that Idaho's decision to drop to FCS cost the Athletic dept a 25% reduction in donations.

UMass fans should probably be expecting the Globe's annual hit piece anytime now. They usually time it for the peak recruiting period.


Charlie Strong takes over 2017 UMass opponent USF.


Appalachian State announces their 2017 home schedule. Mentions UMass.


Football Study Hall looks at five reasons the AAC is an up-and-coming league.


The Hartford Courant says Randy Edsall nailed his apology.



Anonymous said...

Bloomberg story had focus on Georgia Tech, mentioning what a poor job that athletic department has done. Noting they lead the league in debt! Now we now why UMASS continues to do worse.

Anonymous said...

At least the staff knows the bb game is in Richmond tomorrow, they thought George Mason was in Norfolk! Meanwhile the director of sales wants to know what color you like better, maroon or white for a screen saver.smh, can someone tell him to get out and see the public and actually sell some tickets!! Athletic Department continues to be a train wreck.

Anonymous said...

My God, the world you miserable pricks inhabit must be something else. Literally nothing the school or athletic department does is good enough for you assholes. What one Earth would you like them to do, invent a $100m donor? Fire the entire department and start again, AGAIN? I mean Christ...

Anonymous said...

Those holographic ads the UMASS fan experience expert is working on, will definitely help this year. Can't wait!