Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wednesday--June 22nd, 2016

Special thanks to the blog reader who pointed me to this article by Athlon Spots ranking all 128 head coaches. The ranking includes the institutional support and situation.


UMass recruit Tyler Thompson will play in the North-South Football Classic in New Jersey on June 27th.


The Orlando Sentinel previews 2016 opponent Louisiana Tech.

Underdog Dynasty says the Bulldogs have become a coveted job.

The Louisiana Tech strength coach helped train Navy Seals.



Anonymous said...

FYI- Meehan -Kraft making deal for new stadium in Boston, for soccer, and football, 30k...YES...STAY TUNED...

Anonymous said...

If Kraft and Meehan are working out deals, have a separate one for Amherst.

Having some other place to play that is NOT ON CAMPUS is not helpful to the Minutemen.

Could this potentially be interesting? I suppose, but it is YEARS away, and that's if it gets built at all. Based on the initial reaction from Dorchester politicians I'd put the likelihood at about 15-20% maximum.

Another stadium available to UMass that's 2 hours and 100 miles from campus isn't going to help the program. If the Flagship is working as they should be, they'll be trying to find a way to get the renovations done that McGuirk needs. In that case, they never have to play another game off campus again, which should be the ultimate goal at this stage.

Using a Gillette for a very, very, very rare game is always going to be an option. Otherwise they should never leave the 413.

And I'm a little tired of these Anonymous posts claiming all sorts of great things for UMass with absolutely no validity. Wasting people's time.