Monday, June 13, 2016

Monday--13th, 2016

Former UMass DB Tracey Belton is playing for the Philadephia Soul Area league team.

Former Minutemen WR Tom Gilson is playing for the Portland Steel


And now----Arena League football in China.


Former UMass coach Robert Talley steps down as HC at Stonehill.


Victor Cruz helps make Father's Day special for fathers and children.

Cruz says he might participate in the Giants mini-camp. Article has images from the Father's Day event above.


LSU bans opposing teams marching bands from performing at halftime.


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Anonymous said...

Robert Talley played for BU. He was an assistant coach at UMass. Frank, maybe you could do a follow up story on whether or not former UMass players, who promised their allegiance to Whipple have contributed to the program. We don't need names, but how many, and how much $$.