Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday--June 10th, 2016 has a post on a football satellite camp run by the Hun school in New Jersey. Coach Whipple was there as well as a number of other UMass coaches and we had one of the bigger presences at the event. Don Brown was there too.


SB Nation has a long preview of the 2016 Boston College team. Getting to six wins will be a stretch for the Eagles, IMHO.


At the UMass-Gators game on Sept 3rd, Florida will re-name their field Steve Spurrier Field.


SEC Country looks at the best case-worst case for the SEC East, of whom we are an associated member.


Thanks to the blog reader who sent me a link about Old Dominion's plans to build a new 22,000 seat stadium.

Something like that would be attainable for UMass. McGuirk was built in 1965 for $1.4 million, that's $11.4 million in 2016 dollars according the Dept of Commerce's inflation calculator. McGuirk was financed as a bond issue at no capital cost to the taxpayers. If UMass had a design that kept the field, the new pressbox and the performance center and just built the stadium seating and new bathrooms and food court, the cost should be considerably less than $55 million.


The Tennessean has a story about Tajae Sharpe's number change and mentions coach Mariota saying "Tajae Sharpe is killing it in practice".


CBS Sports looks at the over/under for the AAC and predicts under for UConn and 2016 Minuteman opponent Tulane.


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Amherst kid coming home to play for UMass,more speed:)