Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tuesday--June 28th, 2016

Underdog Dynasty looks at the various FCS vs FBS matchups in 2016 including UMass-Wagner.


Sports Chat place previews the 2016 Minutemen.


Victor Cruz takes part in Paris Fashion Week. Not your usual sports blog link.


NFL.com says Marcus Mariota and Tajae Sharpe have appeal in fantasy football.


As many as 40 college football stadiums will offer beer this season.


SB Nation considers if Alabama's second team could beat most Group-of-Five squads.



Anonymous said...

As usual,UMass lags behind national trends...no beer allowed at Mullins and McGuirk. One of the reasons the crowd sits on their hands.

minutefanjsf said...

That Sport Chat piece is fluff. Now I don’t expect a ton of surprises, but I will be surprised if Laurent is handling place kicking this year. Doesn’t look like much research went into that one.

UMass74 said...

You're right. So far I've seen write-ups on UMass that thought we were still in the MAC--and one that thought we were FCS.

The best (or worst) depending on your take was the NFL Draft "analyst" who said Tajae Sharpe had "minimal" pass-catching skills.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else sick of umass doing nothing to fix up a 50 year old stadium for the fans? Of course we need beer inside the stadium!! Only in Amherst and at umass is that a big deal. But of course tolerance for everything else, and anything else goes.