Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wednesday--January 27th, 2016

UMass will have a LOI Day event next Wednesday at the Performance Center.There will be live streaming video for the UMass diaspora. I'll probably go and take some images.


Dan Malone has a post (with lots of images) about Tajae Sharpe lookin' good in the Senior Bowl practices.

This article mentions Sharpe.

So does this one.

Another article on the Senior Bowl practices.

This article says Sharpe looked good in the first day of practice.

A Sports Illustrated article ranks Sharpe #7 in the WR's at the Senior Bowl.

This Chicago news station writer has a favorable impression of Sharpe.


BC Interruption says the Eagles will have a "home" game against UMass at Gillette.

Campus Insiders says BC should watch out for UMass.


Fan Sided says cut, trade or restructure Victor Cruz?


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