Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday--January 21st, 2016

Matty Vautour has a post on Tyrell Smith's decision to declare for the NFL Draft. Good that he's going to stay on campus this Spring and finish his degree.


And then there is the matter of Tajae Sharpe's hand's. One of the banes of existence in modern life (if you've ever worked) is the hiring of experts, analysts and various management types. It would be better for the organization if they stayed at their desks and played solitaire all day, but many feel obligated to actually do something. This ends up causing a lot of trouble when something that really doesn't matter becomes a big deal. NFL (and sports analysts in general) fall into this category. A guy who's played for five other NFL teams is suddenly better than the guy you've got.

Remember last year? Scouts were floored by Jean Sifrin's 20-inch hands. He ended up not even getting to training camp. Sharpe is a football player. He'll catch a lot of balls for a NFL. Don't let an irrelevant stat get in the way of drafting an outstanding player.


RotoWorld says Sharpe was the toughest matchup for DB's at the Shrine Game's practices.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- says Blake Frohnapfel looks to impress NFL teams at the Shrine Game.


The Chicago Bears meet with Tajae Sharpe.


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