Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday--January 11th, 2016

Former UMass player John Griffin has joined the athletic performance staff at Baylor University.


Florida, UMass' opener in 2016, continues with facility renovations.

Speaking of Florida, the alligator looks at gator players to watch in 2016.

Florida also has one of the top-ranked mascots.


Mike Neu replaces Larry Lembo at Ball State.


Most fans think they could coach college football. Rich Rodriguez shows why they can't.


One offshoot of the new college playoffs is championship rings that look like the NFL designed them.


Speaking of amateur coaching, I think players who take part in really cold weather games like the Vikings-Seahawks game, should gear up. If you play football, you are by definition, tough. Any mental energy a player expends dealing with the weather, takes away for that used for playing his position. If I were coach, I'd tell my players to dress warm enough so that they don't have to think about the weather.


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